Beads Key Chain

I was working with beads when I suddenly found my son was crying for something I didn't know. And he didnt want to tell me what happened. But he was playing with friends before he cried so I thought he got upset with one of hie friend.

And then I had an idea, I took him to play with beads ! And it worked ! He calmed down soon, and had fun with beads till he didnt want to stop to do that, lol. I took him to make a key chain using beads. So easy to make !

Well, no words necessary coz its very easy to do. Take a look on these pictures and you will find out soon. All you need is only beads (any beads), string, and a key chain.

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Just like most kids doing, my son is so active. Likes drawing, coloring, watching cartoons, and even crafting ! Like mother like son, lol. He also likes to play with glue and paper and I sometimes take him to play with beads.

So now, have a look, coz I'm going to collect free stuffs for kids I get on net on this blog, and also my easy craft I do with my son. Enjoy !

Oh, and dont forget to check out my other crafts HERE, and also my life I share HERE. Thank you for stopping by.

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